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What division is Marist College football? +
19 Jul

What division is Marist College football?

As a sports enthusiast, I found it interesting to delve into the specifics of Marist College football. Marist College competes in the Pioneer Football League, which is a Division I FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) conference. This means they compete at a high level, but not at the highest level of college football, which is the Football Bowl Subdivision. It's important to note that even though it's not the top tier, the competition is fierce and the level of skill is high. I was impressed by their commitment to both academics and athletics.

Why hasn't the USA ever won the World Cup football? +
31 Mar

Why hasn't the USA ever won the World Cup football?

The United States has never won the FIFA World Cup, despite its status as a global superpower and its deep-rooted love of football. The lack of success can be attributed to several factors, including a lack of investment in the youth game and a lack of international experience in the players. Additionally, the USA has historically been at a disadvantage due to its lack of a professional football league. This means that the nation's players lack the experience of playing against the world's best teams and are instead restricted to the domestic game. The USA is also not as passionate about football as other nations, with the country's culture often prioritizing other sports such as baseball and American football. As a result, the USA has not been able to make the required breakthrough to win the World Cup.